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All our advisers are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
We focus on the expertise of the adviser first, so you get the advice that is right for you.
Free Consultation
You will not incur any charges with an adviser in your 1st consultation and fact finding.
No Hidden Fee’s
Before carrying out any chargeable work on your behalf, advisers are legally required to explain their fees.

NewWave is fast becoming the trusted way of sourcing premier financial advice.

NewWave provides you with the peace of mind and assurance that the financial advice you receive is going to be provided by world class, qualified advisers who have the necessary experience in key wealth management skills.

High quality financial advisers spend many years studying and working with clients to become proficient and assured in wealth management and financial advice. We encourage all users to double check any advisers’ credentials using the FCA web site search.

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