Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement and utilising your pension assets

If your pension is worth more than £30,000.00 and you are thinking of transfer the pension or taking a lump sum after you are 55, the law requires that you get professional qualified financial advice.

Also, as your pension value increases there are other stipulations that impact on how much you can/ or should be saving into your pension and how much tax you will have to pay.

So, it is important to find a good adviser who has the qualifications and experience to consider all your circumstances and then provide you with the advice that is right for you.

As you plan for, or get closer to retirement it is a crucial time to get good advice that will give you peace of mind, advice that will help you to maximise and understand your pension investments.

Why use The New Wave?
The New Wave, is the new and easy way of getting good retirement advice, you will benefit from being matched with one of our many pension and investment specialists, who have detailed knowledge of the pension and retirement industry.

At New Wave we want you to feel good about your future, and all our advisers are here to help…

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What happens next?
Based on your enquiry we will arrange for a pension adviser to speak to you, they will go over your options and help you understand how to plan well for the future, they will also help you with areas relating like looking after family and protecting against a possible events or outcome in the future.

  1. FCA regulated and approved advisers.
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  6. All advisers are specialist in their areas of expertise.
  7. All advisers fully consider all your circumstances when they give advice.
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