Merging Your Pensions

Before you make any decisions why not get professional, qualified advice? –

It is very important to get Qualified Advice from an expert before you consolidate/merge or combine your pension savings. We recommend that you speak to one of our qualified experts who are on hand to provide you the necessary advice and guidance. 

10 ways you could benefit from consolidating your pension savings and speaking to our experts…

  1. Make it easier to manage your pension savings. On average people have 11 jobs* in their working lifetime! That could mean, that you have a different pension scheme for each company! This can be difficult to manage and your savings may also be in poor performing funds.
  2. Combining your pension savings will have implications that could result in you gaining/ or missing out on valuable benefits.
  3. Some charges that you are not aware of could reduce the value of your pension savings.
  4. By combining your pensions, OR putting your pensions into a better performing pension fund could mean you have more money in retirement.
  5. Since the pension freedom rules came into effect in 2015 there is much more choice for you, but with these choices there can be some unforeseen set backs.
  6. If you are saving or have saved into a pension, getting professional advice could make a real difference to the total value of your pension pots.
  7. IF you pension savings are over £30,000 you are legally required to seek financial advice regardless of how many plans you have.
  8. Our advisers will also trace all your pensions and advise you on whether or not to merge your pensions into one pot.
  9. There are more than *40,000 regulated pension funds, each one has its own benefits and drawbacks that may or may not be suitable for your requirements.
  10. Our Pension Advice Specialists can help you select the right type of pension scheme for your goals and circumstances.

Recent analysis by Profile Pensions showed that 52% of customer pensions were in investments that were inappropriate for their needs and risk level.* Our pension advice specialist can give you confidence your pension is invested properly and monitored correctly.

* According to The Telegraph Article “Benefits of getting financial advice”

Learn The Best Way of Managing Your Pension Savings

  • Pension Consolidation
  • Merging Your Pension

  • Increasing Your Pension Value

  • Lifetime Allowance

  • Defined Benefit Advice
  • Finding old Pension Savings
  • Tax thresholds

  • Lump Sum investment
  • Pension Release
  • Pension Drawdown

  • Pension Transfer
  • Annuity Advice

All the advisers we work with are:

  1. FCA regulated and approved.
  2. Covered by the FSCS compensation scheme.
  3. Provide a FREE 1st consultation and introduction.
  4. Provide unbiased trusted advice.
  5. Provide transparent fee’s.
  6. Highly qualified financial advice specialists
  7. Will always consider all your circumstances when they give advice and provide you with a range of options.
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