Combining Intelligent technology, science and financial knowledge

An ideal platform for professional, successful individuals who want to find premier financial intelligence quickly.

The new wave app, combines technology, science and financial wealth management expertise to bring you ground-breaking wealth management that paves the way to your financial wellbeing. It’s simple to use, and enables you to obtain exclusive wealth advice that aims to increase the efficiency of wealth growth and management.

NW Intelligence is the collaboration of 4 creative solution driven individuals who have come together with one vision. Individuals that have a proven and successful track record in their field of financial wealth management, creativity, science and technology solutions .

The team at NW intelligence identified pre-pandemic that wealthy individuals did not have the time to efficiently access wealth resources in a way they understand and trusted. Wealth management in the most part was and still is slow to grasp new methods and advancements. Therefore, with this in mind the team at NW undertook to develop a solution, that brings together science, knowledge, creativity and Ai technology.

Over the past 2 years, the team at NW intelligence have developed The New Wave App and the last 12 months in beta testing and development.

The app is now live and ready for general use. So, why not try the web version today…